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Donations and new acquisitions

The exhibition presents the latest additions to the University's artistic collection thanks to the patronage of businessman Jesús Martínez and all the artists who, through him, have wanted to recognise his activity as a collector. The exhibition aims to be a gesture of public recognition of the University to the founder of the Patronato and to the rest of the donors. A total of 41 works are included, including paintings of different techniques and supports, graphic works and drawings. The works now brought together embrace a broad stylistic (from realism to geometric abstraction, including expressionism) and chronological as well, from works from the late 1960s to others from the same year. We are grateful for the collaboration of the Banco Santan Central Hispano and the Vicerectorate of Culture of the Universitat de València.

Among paintings of diverse techniques and supports, graphic works and diverse drawings, 41 works are included. The largest group of pieces (27) correspond to direct donations from Jesús Martínez, and were later collected by him in his first donation in 1999. The group consists of 11 works that have entered the collection thanks to the generosity of various artists throughout the twelve years of operation of the Patronat, through funds contributed by Jesus Martinez.
These sets of works reinforce the collection that Jesús Martínez and his wife Carmen García donated to the Universitat de València in 1999, and confirm that it is a living project of the Universitat's collection with civil society that continues to grow.
Within the general line that characterises the collection, the works now brought together embrace a broad stylistic ascription: from realism to geometric abstraction, via expressionism, and also chronological: from works signed at the end of the sixties to others of the same year. Since Jesús Martínez, faithful to his principles, continues to acquire pieces with a marked social content. This, however, can also be found paintings or serigraphs of more strictly plastic concerns donated by various artists, especially Valencians.
In painting, there are several works that are striking for their size and subject matter: the large canvas entitled Guernica, the work of the Juan Delcampo collective, which ironically alludes to Picasso's well-known painting; Javier Baldeón's large Mapa Mudo; the Cita d'Artur Heras a Tatlin and its Monumento a la III Internacional; Darío Villalba's painting, based on one of his sharp photography of beings at the human limit; or Santiago Ydáñez's more recent painting with one of his already well-known faces. It will also be possible to contemplate paintings with a more eminently lyrical air, such as the diptych by Ana García Pan, Ximo Michavila, José Quero or Francisco Sebastián Nicolau. Also worth mentioning are several drawings by Manuela Ballester (a gift from the critic about the murder of the lawyers in Atocha Street). Within the group of the graphic work, the 7 prints of José Ortegas stand out, belonging to his series on Durero, the 5 Tauromaquias of Juan Barjola or those of Equipo Realidad on the civil war.