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Amalia Tortajada, flauta. Andrea González, guitarra

Drawing of the two interpreters

Serenates 2022. Concert. Centre Cultural La Nau

2022 Serenades

Identidade: women and art

Amalia Tortajada Zanón, flute
Andrea González Caballero, guitar

Amalia Tortajada and Andrea González present their first album in SERENATAS. Both, with outstanding careers and international recognition, now join forces in this nutty and personal project, thus giving life to IDENTIDADE, an inspiring project that, in addition to musical, has the purpose of promoting and giving value to the work of women from different cultures in various artistic fields. IDENTIDADE includes four premieres of works composed by the outstanding composers Gabriela Ortiz (Mexico), Clarice Assad (Brazil), Elisenda Fábregas (Spain) and Johanny Navarro (Puerto Rico), where each of them, through music, shows us their roots, their history and their cultural identity.

Not numbered seat. Limited capacity

Early ticket sale (PVP 3€) at http://www.latenda.es/entrades