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Disseny al plat







The exhibition has a beneficial purpose, because the designed containers will be drawn and the proceeds will go to the Valencia Food Bank. The stakes for the draw can be purchased online at the ADCV store, upon registration. The raffle will take place on Friday, 27 February at 19:00 at the Sala Estudi General of La Nau Cultural Centre.





19.3 © Ramón Arnau, Alejandro del Toro, Joaquín Cabedo



Conference: Jorge Bretón, chef, Professor of the Basque Culinary Center, 'La Pasión, camino a la Creatividad multidisciplinar' ('Passion, the way to cross-disciplinary Creativity')
Presented and moderated by: Antonio Ariño, Vice-Rector of Cultura i Igualtat de la Universitat de València
Date: Monday 9 February at 19 h
Place: Aula Magna. Centre Cultural La Nau from the Universitat de València
© Josep Collado



An exhibition organised by the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ACDV), in co-operation with the Universitat de València, which includes the work of graphic designers and products of the gastronomic world.

On the one hand, in the exhibition you can see the works related to restoration developed by graphic designers of the ADCV. Images that synthesize the set of values that identify and differentiate each establishment.
On the other hand, adding the craft sector, you will discover unique pieces designed for a new culinary creation. A "dish versus dish", with an enriching result product of the synergy of these three professions.
Swashplate © Dani Salvador, Kiko Moya, Tiziana Chiara
Dispar © José L. Navarro, Manolo Alonso, Jürgen Wolfgang Hohle
Inspiration, quality, innovation and differentiation share a common area in this exhibition made with the intention of claiming the excellence of design and gastronomy in the Valencian Community.