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Coworking Spaces

The Faculty of Geography and History makes the InnoLab Laboratory available to students who wish to start a self-employment initiative. A shared space, equipped with computers, work tables, shelves, blackboards and a telephone, which makes it possible for teams of students who submit an application to undertake a self-employment project within our Faculty to work.

In addition, another space available to students will be in the Research Institutes building (Calle de Serpis, 29), prepared for the simultaneous use of three entrepreneurial teams. This last space is also equipped with a projector.

These spaces have been conceived as work areas with a practical environment and prone to create professional relationships, content and exchange. The selected teams will also have access, by reservation, to meeting and training spaces

Virtual space

For projects and companies that do not need to occupy a physical space, the virtual space offers them the possibility of making themselves known and reserving physical spaces to hold meetings. In the same way, they will have access to a postal address and a box to be able to collect the mail.