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Para la reserva de cualquier espacio del Centro, cumplimentar una solicitud de Reserva y enviarla al correo electrónico:  Precios Públicos para la reserva.


Directorio de Espacios

The Faculty of Geography and History is comprised of several buildings which house services, departments and classrooms.
On the ground floor of the main building, called the Faculty Building (Edificio Facultat), is where most services and access to classrooms and other buildings are located. The Reception is the information centre for all teaching/service-related facilities.
The following classrooms are located in the right wing of the building:
Ground floor: Classrooms F 0.1 and F 0.2.Calssrooms F0.3 i F0.4 with computer.
First floor: F 1.0, F 1.1, F 1.3 and F 1.4-Classrooms F 1.2A i F 1.2B are Computer rooms. First floor: Classrooms GH 1.1 and GH 1.2,Joan Fuster Hall .
Second floor: F 2.0 Art Laboratory, F 2.1 Computer Room ( Free acces).
Third Floor: F 3.0, F 3.1, F 3.2,F 3.3,F3.4 i F3.5
The ground floor gives access to services including:  the Health Clinic, the Humanities Library and access to the Geography and History lecture room building (Aulario GH), where most classrooms and the University of Valencia Publication Service are located:
Second floor: Classrooms GH 2.1, GH 2.2 and GH 2.3
Third floor: Classrooms GH 3.1, GH 3.2, GH 3.3 and GH 3.4
Fourth floor: Classrooms GH 4.1, GH 4.2, GH 4.3 and GH 4.4
Fifth floor: Classrooms GH 5.1, GH 5.2, GH 5.3 and GH 5.4
From the Reception and the left wing of the building, you can find most services:
On the ground floor: Photocopy Service, Bar-Cafeteria, the Administration Office and the Assembly of Representatives (ADR).Geomorphology laboratory.
On the first floor: Office of the Dean, Vice Dean, Secretary to the Dean, Assembly Hall, Board Room and the University of Valencia Map Library (EI)
From the second to the seventh floors the Departments are distributed as follows:
Department of Geography: second and third floors
Department of Modern History and Contemporary History: fourth floor and fifth floor
Department of Ancient History and Written Culture: sixth floor
Department of Medieval History: seventh floor
In the annex, called the Department Building (Edifici Departamental), you can find the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology (first and second floors) and the Department of History of Art (third and fourth floors).