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The Institute of Material Science (ICMUV)

The Institute of Material Science (ICMUV), created by Decree of the Valencian Government 36/1995 dated 7 March 1995 (DOGV number 2469), was the result of the initiative of a joint of Research Units of the Faculties of Chemistry and Physics of our university. It was created before the need of establishing an interactive link of its competences towards applied Chemistry and Physics with the intention of offering its effort to resolve practical problems for the business environment of our Community in the field of Materials Science.

ICMUV offers the expertise of its components as insiders and competent users of a wide range of physical experimental techniques in our university, both in the General Services of the Institute and in the equipment of each Research Unit or Group. On the other hand, its different experts groups in specific fields are available to tackle research projects as advisors and/or collaborators with the industry.

At the ICMUV are now being developed two projects of the CONSOLIDER programme (MALTA and NANOHERM), two projects of the PROMETEO programme (FOPS and NANO2-CSF), three European projects (NANOLICHT, NANOWIRING, POSITIVE), 13 national projects and 18 projects with firms.

Among the research areas of ICMUV, the following ones are highlighted: semiconductor quantum nanostructures and devices, nanomaterials for energy, high pressure physics, photonic crystals, synthesis and characterisation of porous materials and zeotypes, alternative synthesis strategies, superficial processing for laser engraving, functional nanomaterials, catalysis, hybrid polymers and historic heritage.

Within ICMUV the following spin-off firms have been created: CHYLAS (Hybrid Components and Fiber Optics Lasers, S.L.), INTENANOMAT (Intelligent Nanomaterials), LASER FOOD and AURORASAT (Software, Consulting & Testing).

Areas of expertise:

  • Science and Technology of Polymers
  • New Products (fine chemicals)
  • Ceramic Materials
  • Surface Treatment