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Microelectronics Institute, Madrid

We are working in the field of thermoelectrics in collaboration with the group of Marisol Martin, from the Microelectronics Institute (Madrid), in particular, in bismuth telluride nanowires.

Microelectronics Institute.

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain

We have a long collaboration with Profs. José Manuel Calleja, Luis Viña, from the Departamento de Física de Materiales, and Carlos Tejedor, from the Departamento de Teoría de la Materia Condensada.

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

We have started a collaboration with Prof. Enrique Calleja, from the Instituto de Sistemas Optoelectrónicos y Microtecnología. Prof. Calleja started with the studies of nitrides in Spain, has an MBE system where some of the best GaN/AlGaN heterostructures are grown.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Paul Drude Institute, Berlin, Germany

Our collaboration at the Paul Drude Institute is mainly via Dr. Paulo V. Santos, an expert in the physics of surface acoustic wave devices.

Paul Drude Institute.

Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart, Germany

We have a very old and fruitful collaboration with Professor Manuel Cardona, which continues nowadays, mainly focused on isotope physics, and with Prof. Karl Syassen, head of the High Pressure Group at the Institute.

Max Planck Institute.

Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Our collaboration with Dr. Richard Phillips.

Cavendish Laboratory

University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Our collaboration with Dr. Martin Kuball.

University of Bristol