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ERI-Talk - Encarna Pascual: "What do Secondary school students currently read?"

  • November 18th, 2022
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November 25, 2022. 12:00h. On-site session. Language: Valencian.

What do Secondary school students currently read?

Encarna Pascual


We ask ourselves what Secondary students read, because we want to know what is the reading canon that we are currently building in the classrooms.

The curriculum is the same for all students, because it is dictated by the decrees approved by the Generalitat Valenciana. But the texts that are read in the classrooms change from one center to another, since they are chosen by the teachers.

How do we know if this choice is good, regular or bad? We do not know; and what is more important, we do not know if these readings form adolescent readers.

We need to examine what is read and how it is read in our classrooms. We want to analyze the criteria used by teachers when choosing required readings, what reading practices take place in Secondary classrooms, and what role is given to the school library.

To obtain this information we used the survey as an observation instrument. We conducted three surveys, one for Secondary school students, another for teachers and a third survey aimed at management teams. The surveys are entitled: Knowing the school canon in Secondary School through readings, and we have hosted them on the LimeSurvey platform of the University of Valencia.

At this point we have finished the surveys in order to send them to schools in the Valencian Community. We believe that the results will provide us with valuable information for educational interventions.



Encarna Pascual holds a degree in Hispanic Philology (Spanish Literature) and Catalan Philology from the University of Valencia. She has a Master's degree in management and administration of educational centers from the Catholic University of Valencia. She has worked in dubbing, audiovisual productions, radio and proofreading. She currently works in teaching, at the Secondary school level, as a language and literature teacher.