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ERI Talk - Rosa Piquín: "School library: sustenance of readings and citizenship"

  • May 24th, 2021
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13:00h, online talk. Language: Spanish.

School library: sustenance of readings and citizenship

Rosa Piquín Cancio

University of Oviedo

School libraries are, perhaps intentionally, the great unknown of the educational system; however, they carry within them enormous potential for change, transformation and possibility.

There are magnificent school libraries that, throughout the country, have undergone important qualitative changes and have become true Information and Reading Resource Centers. In some cases, becoming "Inclusive, creative, communication, AMI and reading learning spaces" in order to fulfill their important role in the educational system as generating spaces for learning instances, as reading, information and resource centers. learning being specific educational environments, integrated into the life of the school institution. Spaces that allow the meeting and construction of shared knowledge, facilitating the real democracy of our schools and the construction of a critical and competent citizenship.

The future is built, among other things, with the real consolidation of this educational resource at the service of the curriculum and the educational project, but also with the development of subjects such as "School Library: Resource Center and Interdisciplinary Projects" taught at the Training Faculty of the Faculty and Education of the University of Oviedo, which has meant the inclusion of specific studies on school libraries in the initial training programs for teachers.

In it, didactic aspects are addressed that address both the standards of a school library (in relation to space, users, collection, work team, management, networks and cooperation between equals and with other library institutions, relationship with families, students volunteers…) as issues related to media and information literacy- AMI- to the development of interdisciplinary documentary projects, communicative, digital and social competences as well as multiple aspects of reading and writing. TFGs from both the Teaching and Pedagogy Degrees have been addressed from the different possible perspectives of the School Library.



Rosa Piquín Cancio iShe teaches, as Associate Lecturer, the subject of "School Libraries and Interdisciplinary Projects" in the Language and Literature Didactics Area, in the Infant and Primary Teaching Degrees at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of the University of Oviedo , and is part of the Didactic Research Group on Languages, Interculturality and Multilingualism in Education-DIME. He has been awarded the National School Libraries Award in 2005 and is currently coordinating the project BiblioVeneranda.lab: creative and inclusive center for learning, communication and reading, which seeks to advance in a more school library social and participatory in which active methodologies, equity, families and the community play a decisive role.