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The UV Computer Service gives support for the use of institutional e-resources: Online Office of the Secretary, virtual classroom, wifi network, public network, accounts, student web portal, email, etc.

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Services provided:

  • Helping with the settings of laptops
  • Management of the email (loss of the access password, filters, redirection, large messages (parcels), limits, blocked mailbox.
  • Management of public and private spaces
  • Web Service: The University of Valencia provides the students with the necessary resources to put out websites on the Internet (activate your web space, upload pages in the www server, available space)
  • Virtual Disk: It is a private storage space accessible through the net that allow to upload archives, and have access to it from any point. (How to have access to disco.uv.es)
  • Blogs: The Information Systems Service has provided the university community with a new blog service based on the WordPress blog platform, you can create your blog accessing with the user name and the access password to your university account
  • Virtual Office of the Secretary: Through the Virtual Office of the Secretary you can book a computer from the computer room, and have access to information such as:
    • General information queries: Academic year catalogue: groups and subgroups, places available and timetables
    • Student custom information: Look up the enrolment and academic record, see the grades of every year, check the information about the order process and results for the enrolment appointment, view of the adaptation to the new studies plan, application and fees payment for academic certificates, application form for group/subgroup change, application form for the addition of courses
  • E-learning tools
  • Access to the Virtual Classroom: This platform provides with virtual group spaces to professors and students as a support to in-class teaching groups. It provides the possibility of sharing documents, create discussion forums, send notifications by email or have group or individual calendars. Instructions manual.
  • UV digital content server More info
  • Access to the Student Portal
  • Software for students

This service can be used by all students.

Regulation on the use of the information and communication technology resources of the University of Valencia