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C.- Work placements (compulsory) (7 ECTS credits) (2nd semester)

They will be done once the course ends (from June onwards).

Work placements will have as their main objectives:

  1. That studnets get in touch with the labour market, being in a private company, public companies or administrations, or teaching and/or research centres. The latter may be unaffiliated with the university, or integrated in the same framework of agreements or contracts of the university with companies or administrations. 
  2. That students value and know how to apply in their workplaces the fundamental and equality rights between men and women, respect and promotion of human rights and the principles of universal accessibility and design for everyone, and respect to democratic values.
  3. That students can apply their knowledge, skills and abilities acquired during their training in a environment different from the academic, assessing and appreciating critically the priorities, pressures and external and internal conditions that determine the day-to-day running of a company, administration, or training nd/or research centre. 
  4. That students assess and integrate the importance of group work, assuming the role that they are appointed to according to the regulations, procedure and general culture of their workplace, and according with the deontology principles of the profession. 
  5. That students know how to communicate efficiently with their tutors, both in the company and administration as in the university, as well as with their partners in their workplaces, so that the training objectives specific of the work placement may be established and achieved efficiently.