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Professor Alma Rodríguez leads a workshop on job crafting

  • May 10th, 2023
Job crafting

Next Thursday, May 11th at 3:30pm in classroom 2A3 of the Faculty of Social Sciences, professor Alma Rodríguez will lead a workshop titled “Innovative tools in human resource management: job crafting.”

The workshop deals with the practical application of job crafting--how to adapt the characteristics and functions of a certain job position to better fit an individual in a way that allows them to reach their maximum potential and optimize their performance, while also ensuring their well-being in said position.

This technique was developed in 2001, and in the years since, it has evolved to better address the scope of each company and meet current demands and needs. Thus, job crafting contributes to company productivity as staff members feel more appreciated, work environments have considerably improved, and the values of both the company and employees are aligned so that objectives can be met more efficiently.