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Training activities

 AF1 - Attendance to lectures and practical classes
 AF2 - Preparation for theory based classes
 AF3 - Preparation for practical classes
 AF4 - Elaboration of group assignment
 AF5 - Study and preparation of proofs
 AF6 - Presentation of assingments
 AF7 - Tutorials
 AF8 - Assessment and/or exam
 AF9 - Complementary activities (seminars, lectures, workshops, visits to companies,...)



 MD1 - Lectures
 MD2 -  Discussion of articles (reading)
 MD3 - Solutions of practical cases
 MD4 - Problems
 MD5 - Seminars
 MD6 - Development of projects
 MD7 - Business games
 MD8 - Visits to companies
 MD9 - Debate or monitored discussion
 M10 - Experts' lectures
 M11 - Working group


Assessment system

 SE1 - Theory exam
 SE2 - Practical  exam
 SE3 - Final exam
 SE4 - Continuous assessment
 SE5 - Individual assignment
 SE6 - Group assignment
 SE7 - Attendance and participation
 SE8 - Work placement allocations
 SE9 - Oral presentation