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 Code Competence
 CB6 To have and understand the knowledge that provides a basis or opportunity to be original in the development and/or application of ideas in a research context.
 CB7 To  know how to apply the acquired knowledge and also to apply their ability to solve problems in a new or broader unfamiliar contexts (or multidisciplinary) related to their field of study.
 CB8 To be able to integrate their knowledge and to face the complexity of making judgements based on information that being incomplete or limited will include reflexions about social and ethical responsibilities, related to the application of their knowledge and judgments.
 CB9 To learn how to transmit their conclusions (and the knowledge and the reasons that supported it) to specialised or non-specialised audiences in a clear and unambiguous manner.
 CB10 To possess the learning skills which allow them to continue studying independently and self-directed.


 Code  Competence
 CG1 To be able to search, to organise, to analyse and to synthesise the information, and select this one that is relevant for decision making.
 CG2 To know how to work in a team effectively and efficiently.
 CG3 The students must be able to make decisions either individually or collectively in their professional and/or research work.
 CG4 To have a proactive attitude against potential changes that could occur in their professional and/or research work.
 CG5 To be able to integrate new technologies in their professional and/or research work.
 CG6 To know how to write and prepare presentations for defending and present it later.
 CG7 To be able to analyse critically both their work and the other students’ work.


 Code Competence
 CE1 To know the marketing mix tools and be able to use them appropriately in different contexts.
 CE2 To be able to establish the processes for collecting information and the type of data needed to carry out the marketing plan.
 CE3 To understand the processes and protocols for capturing information that is needed for observing and analysing correctly consumer behaviour.
 CE4 To learn negotiation and public speaking techniques, among other aspects.
 CE5 To be able to improve the interaction with others (team, customers, suppliers, etc.)
 CE6 To be able to organise and plan the activities of a marketing department in the business field.
 CE7 To learn how to present to an audience the objectives of the marketing plan and answer the criticism of others, through argued reasons and defend it with rigor and tolerance.
 CE8 To select and develop market analysis tools.
 CE9 To choose the appropriate market research technique for the problem raised.
 CE10 To design marketing strategies.
 CE11 To be able to make decisions, to develop actions and solve marketing problems.
 CE12 To design control mechanisms about marketing and commercial research decisions and to implement any corrective measures.
 CE13 To make a proper segmentation and selection of the target audience.
 CE14 To be able to define the positioning strategy.
 CE15 To design and implement a plan for market research.
 CE16 To desing a marketing plan.
 CE17 To implement a marketing plan.
 CE18 To write documents and reports on marketing and market research.
 CE19 To present documents and reports on marketing and market research.
 CE20 To know how to perform the specific tasks of their profession, both in private and public organisations.