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Access and admission are two different matters. You have access to making a Master's if you meet the conditions imposed by the current legislation in order to study this level of university studies. But you can have access and not be admitted, since the admission requires you to keep a number of specific requirements that are defined in the own design of the Master's.

The body responsible for the admission of students is the CAcademic Coordinating Committee (ACC) of the Master's.


To access the postgraduate studies you must meet some of the following requirements:

  • To be in possession of a Spanish undergraduate degree or oher degrees specifically declared as equivalent..
  • To be in possession of the Spanish degree of holder of a licenciatura, engineer, architect, holder of a diplomatura, engineer or architect.
  • To be in possession of a foreign degree approved to one degree of those listed in the previous sections.
  • To be in possession of a foreign degree approved to one Spanish academic official degree of holder of a licenciatura, diplomatura or Master's.

Those graduates in foreign teaching systems will be able to access to postgraduate studies without the need of the agreement of their degrees, with the previous confirmation that those who recognise an equivalent training level to the corresponding Spanish degrees of a Degree and that are authorised in the shipping agent country of the title for the access to Postgraduate studies. Once passed the corresponding Postgraduate teachings, the obtained Master's or doctor degrees shall be fully valid. To that effect, the application to the principal of the UV should be processed.


The admissions is made in a personalised way, taking into account the curriculum and the academic record of the person who requests the admission to the Master's. In the assessment of the curriculums both the academic and the professional career should be taken into account.

These are the following selection criteria to be applied:

  • Affinity to studies undertaken with the Master's.
  • Average of the academic record.
  • Additional training in related matters.
  • Knowledge of English.
  • Previous work experience in fields related to the contents of the Master's.

In the case of students with specific educational needs derived from disabilities, the ACC of the Master's will be responsible for seeking appropriate advise and support, which will assess the need for possible curricular changes, pathways or alternative studies.

Recommended entry profile

For the use of the contents of the Master's it is necessary to have a science training. If in doubt, get in touch with the managers of the Master's.


The first step in the admission process to the Master's Degree in Remote Sensing is the pre-registration in this. This is made in a telematic way. 

The resolution of the admissions on behalf of the ACC of the Master's is made in three phases. La resolución de las admisiones por parte de la CCA del máster se realiza en tres fases. At the end of each, the Postgraduate Service publishes the list of admitted, excluded and waiting list applicants.

Warning: Pending degree students

Those students who are decide to study the Master's but in the date in which the pre-registration is closed, should be alert for the mark of the Undergraduate Degree Final Project or analogue, should also make the pre-registration in the dates indicated by the UV.

These students should point out in the pre-registration application such situation, stating what subjects they have pending by means of a sworn statement.