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Teaching: seeking for excellence

The learning process depends completely on teaching, on the teacher, on the lecturer who transmits knowledge to their students. 

26 february 2016

The teacher or lecturer dedicates professionally to teaching.  Their function is to transmit knowledge to students and easing their learning. This teaching process- teaching is a reciprocal relationship where both parts learn: this master’s degree seeks for excellence in the lecturer’s continuous learning process.

Teaching and learning is part of a process whose aim is training students. This process has been starred by human beings since the eldest civilizations and, in the last centuries, it has evolved by leaps and bounds. During each period, the role played by the student and the lecturer has changed and we are currently searching for new teaching methods in which teacher and students are more implicated and the learning is more beneficial for both.

To this day, the main role of teaching is supporting students so that they learn autonomously, promoting their cognitive and personal development through strategies applied to the use of resources and the information available. Today’s teacher has to be prepared for a cross-disciplinary teaching: they must know their matter but also the philosophical, pedagogical, didactic, epistemological, technical, psychological, historical and linguistic aspects- among many others.

It is also currently necessary for teaching to be linked to new technologies and for the teacher to use them with their students for a better learning.  All the teacher’s knowledge linked to new technologies and new teaching methods will mark a pathway for students to be guided in their environment. Being a teacher implies holding ethics which ensure the training of students in the best possible ways and providing them the maximum of knowledge, experience, points of view and images of the world possible.  

Teaching brings about a great degree of responsibility and compromise. In Nordic Countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) teachers play the most important role within society, as society as a whole is convinced of their transversal and transforming role and of the importance of training their youngest generations.  

In Spain we must try to reach that maximum: this responsibility can be understood as individual but it also affects society as a whole.  The teacher holds a key role in the transformation of generation and societies and this Master’s Degree in Research in Specific Didactics seeks for excellence in this profession, assumed with responsibility and ethics to train future generations.  


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