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Master’s degree and Doctoral studies in Specific Didactics

The postgraduate catalogue of the Faculty of Teacher Training of the University of Valencia includes, besides others, the following official university degrees:

Both qualifications are focused to train specialized researchers in educational questions related to different curriculum areas of non-university studies, such as learning processes, teaching styles, the activity of practicing teaching, etc., and also teaching issues of university studies and any other context related to the teaching and learning of these curriculum areas, for example the initial training of teachers, social and cultural aspects, history elements, etc. Its latest goal is to train researchers who join the national and international research communities in their specialization through the integration into existing teams or by creating new teams.

Both the master’s degree and the doctoral studies are interesting for graduates in curricular specializations which among their professional careers are the teaching in early, primary or secondary education. They are also interesting for new teachers of the university areas of knowledge responsible for the different specializations and for those who aspire to be teachers in these subject areas.