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The Degree Committee organises teaching and guarantees the academic coherence of the degree programme.



Name Category
Donat Beneito, Rosa President
Fernández Rosell, Carmina Degree and four course coordinator
Sanus Vitoria, Lucía First course coordinator
Donat Beneito, Rosa Second course coordinator
Santonja Goméz, Francisco Thrid course coordinator
Ballester Bolinches, Adolfo PDI Dept. Algebra
Esteban Romero, Ramón PDI Dept. Algebra
Maestre Vera, Manuel PDI Dept. Mathematical Analysis
Galbis Verdú, Antonio PDI Dept. Mathematical Analysis
Belenguer Ribera, José M. PDI Dept. Statistics and Operations Research
León Mendoza, M. Teresa PDI Dept. Statistics and Operations Research
López Machí, Rafael PDI Dept. Applied Mathematics
Mulet Mestre, Pep PDI Dept. Applied Mathematics
Nuño Ballesteros, Juan José PDI Dept. Geometry and Topology
Beltrán Solsona, José Vicente PDI Dept. Geometry and Topology
Ferrando Bargues, Joan PDI Dept. Astronomy and Astrophysics
Ferris Castell, Ricardo PDI Dept. Computer Science
Martin Barranco, Yael Student
Cabrera Gurillo, Dario Student
Granero Moreno, José Nic. Student
Chardi Hernández, Jaume Student
Pruñonosa Orero, Roberto Student
Perelló Olmos, Pepa Administrative and Service Staff



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