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Information Final Project


1.- Remember that can enrol of the TFG that student who enrols at the same time everything that lacks to complete the degree.

2.- The request of the TFG for the Free Offer will be the first week of September.

3.- The presentation of the TFG will always be 5 days natural before the defense and at most 25 July of the corresponding academic year

4.-The TFG will be presented at the Electronic Headquarters of the UV.

5.- The document of authorization and defense of the TFG will also be presented in the Electronic Headquarters at the same time of presenting the work.

6.- Deadline for requesting the TUTOR the mention of MH will be from 13 to 20 June.




1.- Regulations on the undergraduate degree final project of the University of Valencia

2.- Instructions of the center

     ACADEMIC YEAR 2021-22: