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Move a call to an earlier date

Course 2022-2023


Calendar of Exams 

Electronic site UV From 22 to 31 July Online Application

Academic assessment for the compensation of qualifications 

Course 2022-2023

Requirements andi Procedure: chapter VII of the Assessment Regulation and Qualifications of the UV

Electronic site UV

Apllications after:

- Advanced Call: 15/10/22 to 15/11/22

- 1st call     1st semester: 01/02/23 to 01/03/23

- 1st call. 2nd semester.   and annual subjects and: 2nd call.: 15/06/23 to 31/07/23

Online application

Contestation of qualifications

Requirementsand procedure: art. 21 of the Assessment Regulation and Qualifications of the UV

Note: You have to include a document that certifies that you have  revised it without having any effects.

Electronic site UV

5 working days since the final global qualification of the subject had been published

Online application

Recognition of credits due to the student's participation in university events

The application (up to 6 ECTS) should be conducted jointly and during the course in which the student registers to all the ECTS that he has left to finish his studies. All the certificates and diplomas that certify his academic record should be attached.

Proposed activities


Office of the secretary of the Faculty

During the academic year


Tansference and recognition of credits

You should include in your application (unless your degree is taught in the Faculty of Pharmacy):
- The Official Academic Certificate
- The Syllabus
- A Stamped document with the subjects of the programme

The recognition of credits will be subject to the payment of the corresponding taxes.

Electronic Site UV

During the registration. 

Online application


Exemptions and retention agreement

Cases in which the exemption may be requested

Office of the secretary of the Faculty

During July