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Circuit Training is not a way of training on its own. However, it is a very efficient way to organize the training process of different physical abilities, designed to be combined with the rest of trainings. It was created in 1953 by the professors of University of Leeds (England) Morgan and Anderson.

Main features

It is a polyvalent and/or supplementary method that normally has among 6 and 15 parts, which usually have among 1 and 3 laps.


  • With this type of training, coordinative and physical abilities are developed and improved, not just for sport practice but also for reaching the best health level possible.
  • Develop resistance in general, local muscular resistence, explosive strength, flexibility, speed, etc…
  • You must take into account that any particular physical ability is trained at its full capacity. On the contrary, it is a method that complements the rest of training modalities.