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Rowing Activity Project Universitat de València

Why rowing?

Rowing works all body muscles: legs, arms, spine, abdomen...

Rowing works all body muscles due to a larger range of movements than other activities. Your muscles stretch and your joints move to a greater extent, promoting mobility and flexibility.

Rowing provides aerobic and muscular fitness.

Rowing is a great calorie-burning exercise. Recent studies have shown that rowing burns calories faster than the bicycle for the same exercise level. In other words, burning calories is easier by rowing than by riding a bike.

The Universitat de València offers the possibility to do this sport in the Marina Real Juan Carlos I. Go and discover it!


Recommendations for students in this activity

  • Sports wear: tracksuit, shorts, T-shirts and a wind-break or something else to cover, in case of bad weather. Trainers.
  • Extra set of clothes.
  • Cap, glasses (with security protection to avoid losing them) and sun cream.
  • Water or juice.

If the trip is in the morning, do not forget to copiously eat breakfast at home.