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Salsa is a rhythm that is danced in pairs, learning to dance is a long process. To dance this music it is important to control the rhythm and the basic steps without forgetting “the art of dancing in pair.” For that we will use the level I.


The next levels will give us skills to develop routines more and more complex, and to get a good level of social dance. This last basic rules set allows the communication between the dancing partner and can dance together even though they don’t know each other.

In that  dance education “there’s is more than one way to skin a cat”, there are no written rules or concrete figures, each teacher uses the technique that considers appropriate and necessary for the learning.

In Valencia, salsa is in fashion more than 22 years, why? Because we enjoy dancing salsa; be encouraged  and come to try this rhythm that opens you the doors to a wonderful world where you shouldn’t forget that dancing is for fun.

If you have any doubt about the level, you can go to class and consult the teacher.