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What is SAFEgirls?

SAFEgirls is the first women’s self defence system which is accessible to all women.  The main feature of SAFEgirls is the efficiency that it has proven in real situations in which women’s lives are at risk, whether it is a scenario of gender violence, sexual assault or civil insecurity.

SAFEgirls is a new self-defence system that chooses the best self-defence techniques of several contact sports and Martial Arts. SAFEgirls provides a well-structured training programme, specially designed for training women in self-defence techniques. It is imparted by the instructor Javier Fortuño.

The students will have to pass an exam that simulates a real assault situation to go to the next level of training. The difficulty and exigence of the tasks of the exam is progressively increased.

 Additionally, the students who pass the elite level will have the chance to become instructors by accessing an instructor training course.

SAFEgirls is structured in three levels that teach how to solve possible assaults that women can suffer in real life.

Particularly, each level teaches the students to solve the most statistically common gender violence (strangulation, asphyxiation, beatings and bladed weapons) and sexual assault aggressions. 

STUDENT (Minimum time of training: 8 months)

Defence against strangulation and asphyxiation, grabbing defence, basic kicks, elbow kicks, ground anti-raping defence and reduction of injuries due to falling.

ADVANCED (Minimum time of training: 12 months)

Defence against beatings, advance kicking, punching and advance ground anti-raping defence.

ELITE (Minimum time of training: 16 months)

Defence against bladed weapons, use of knifes and ground anti-raping defence against knifes.




The techniques used in SAFEgirls have been chosen among the most effective ones in several contact sports and Martial Arts.


Thanks to the Universitat de València, SAFEgirls is economically accessible to all women.


SAFEgirls will help you to improve your physical condition.


SAFEgirls will provide you with the resources to defend yourself and feel safer.


You will find new classmates in SAFEgirls who share your inquisitiveness.

Campus Blasco Ibañez:
Avda. Menéndez Pelayo, 19 (Valencia)
Monday and Wednesday 18.30 a 20.00

Campus Tarongers:
Avda. Albalat dels Tarongers, s/n (Valencia)
Tuesday and Thursday 20.30 a 22:00


more information: 667 581 760 (Javier Fortuño)

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