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This legislation regulates the terms of continuance for students who are enrolled in official degree programmes.

Minimum performance and penalties for non-compliance

First year students are required to pass a minimum of 12 credits.

If this requirement is not met, you may not enrol for the same degree for two consecutive academic years.

In general terms, a subject that has been adapted or validated is considered passed.

This regulation applies to both full-time and part-time students.

Maximum number of exam attempts

You have six attempts to pass each subject.

If you do not take an exam, it is not counted towards the number of attempts.

There is no limit on the number of attempts if you have 15% or fewer pending subjects to finish your degree.


Exempt from the limitations listed above are students who have undergone circumstances due to force majeure that could have influenced their academic performance. Individual cases are at the discretion of the dean of the faculty or the director of the school.
Transfer students
If you are transferring from another university you are subject to the same conditions as University of Valencia students.
Exam attempts will be counted for students who have transferred their academic record to the University of Valencia.

Legislative Regulations