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  • Estudiants de postgrau

Programme code: 3140

Regulations: RD 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Social and legal science

Organised by:Faculty of Psicology

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participant Universities:University of Valencia General Study; Malmö Högskola; Universidad de Zacatecas; Universidade Aberta y Université Catholique de Lille (Fupl)

Programme coordinator:Edelia Villarroya Soler

1st year available places:15 places

Aims: The overall aim of these doctoral studies is to fill a gap in the training of skilled researchers in Human Mobility. Intervention in such a complex reality requires integrated interdisciplinary programmes in a coherent faculty and its transnational extension to multiple views of itself. It is expected to form a research professional with a comprehensive view of migration processes in the world, whether between countries or internal mobility produced by both the uneven development in countries, such as social violence, or race, sex and religion discrimination. A researcher respectful with human rights and who respond to demands from institutions for the development and for the implementation of the various migration policies. In particular it is expected that doctors will be able to apply knowledge in practice and be competitive both in the domestic labour market and internationally (e.g., social institutions and social education centres, local government, municipalities, European institutions, international organizations, NGOs).

Description: The aim of the agreement is to get the contracting institutions promote the development of a common policy in the “Doctoral Programme in Human Mobility” in the form of an integrated programme, jointly administered by the signatory institutions of this Consortium. These should promote research and training projects conducted by professors and researchers from the participating institutions, as well as the exchange of information, publications and other educational materials. The signatory institutions of the Consortium undertake to promote the mobility of professors and researchers involved in research exchange or training activities offered by associated institutions mentioned in the agreement. On the other hand, it will promote the mobility of postgraduate students and in particular their participation in the doctoral programme. Within this framework, the institutions promote, with special care, the development of intensive joint research on advanced aspects and applications of human mobility, favouring the participation of students and professors. The doctoral programme aims to promote mobility of students within a network of research departments spread over 6 European countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland). (Mobility is compulsory in at least 3 countries). The doctoral programme, together with the prestigious institutions associated, also has the ability to create joint projects to develop lines of cooperation between the EU and third-country institutions, thus contributing to increase the visibility of the European higher education and transmitting the values and principles of the European Culture.

For administrative information contact with: doctorado@uv.es

For academic information contact with: edelia.villarroya@uv.es

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