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The course on the interpretation and dissemination of landscapes and the rural heritage as a socioeconomic sustainable resource

The course “Landscape as a Social Tool” focuses on interpreting and disseminating the idea of landscape and the rural heritage as a socioeconomic sustainable resource. The attendees will learn:

  • Understand the techniques of recognition and interpretation of the landscape.
  • Developing abilities for disseminating information on the landscapes and heritage, as well as their use as socioeconomic resources.
  • Use local and provincial landscapes as resources and services.
  • Use of the new technologies (Internet, GPS, digital cartography and social networks)

Any person interested in this subject can apply for the courses. For instance, unemployed people, local spatial managers or rural tourism innkeeper managers so that they can design routes for the tourists and make their visit more entertaining.

The course last 30 hours and has a practical basis: 25% of the course will be theoretical (study the concepts of landscape and heritage) and 75% practical (trip to the fields, writing field notebooks and using new technologies applied to the land and landscaping.

Duration: 16,17,23,28 y 30 and 30 April. 5 and 7 May 2018.

Place: FPA Adult Centre of Alto Palancia- Segorbe (Segorbe).