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The Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and  Participation aims to develop the government as a mode based on the decision-making of the university (information, participation, collaboration and consensus) and promoting the presence of the Universidad de Valencia in their area of influence as a means of connecting with local institutions and society and its display


Territorial Projection

Aims to display and involve the Universitat de València in its immediate area of influence through the promotion of effective transfer of university activities, particularly those related to education, research and knowledge transfer to Valencian society and local organizations that represent them. Especially, it works with municipalities (266 in the province of Valencia), grouping of municipalities (more than 70 groups) and associations representing both local, regional and supra-regional, social, business, etc.

The strategies driven look for: training aimed at the general public and in particular to specific groups (young, elderly, employers, workers, students, local politicians, etc.); applied research, developed by university researchers; and display of the University through the transfer of knowledge in the same society.

Institutional participation

It is focused on the design of actions to promote community participation in teaching and research staff (PDI) and administrative personnel and services (PAS). Today, a community that exceeds 6,000 works at the university.

Among the strategies aimed at fostering institutional participation are: monthly meetings between the principal and the deans and deans of faculties and directors of departments; biannual meetings between the principal and the directors of departments and university institutes; meetings with groups of administrative and services staff; and meetings with certain groups (Emeritus professors, etc.)