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UV Mission

«The Universitat de València has the mission to train competent professionals at a European level and promoting a search for prestige and international impact that contributes to the development of our society. Training and research promote the work that it performs in the scope of science and culture dissemination and in the restatement of democratic values of the society in general, and of Valencian society in particular.»

Within the framework of the mission of the UV, and once its field of activities (teaching, research, transference and culture) is defined, it is possible to specify the purpose of the institution. The Universitat de València is acknowledged for:

  • Being a higher education institution with a wide, international offer with good quality, which is open to everyone. It meets the continuous training needs along the different phases of the life cycle of the users.
  • The ability to offer a complete guidance to its students, which materializes in the quality of the university experience in the Universitat de València and in a qualification that promotes the professional job placements and employability of the graduates.
  • The volume and impact of the results od the research generated by its teams.
  • The ability to acquire specialised research resources: recognising and developing talent and attending the international competitive calls.
  • The ability to offer a wide variety of transference services and scientific-technical services, through visible processes which are accessible and easily understood by the current and possible users.
  • The ability to stablish long-term relations with the users of the transferences services, and offer them integral solutions that go beyond occasional transactions.
  • The extent, quality and richness of its cultural offer and the offer of participation in the university life, which contributes to offer a “UV experience” which meets the needs of the users.
  • Being a cultural icon in the Valencian society, with special attention to its culture, its heritage and its language.