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  • Define a tourism strategy with the added value that each entity provides. In the case of the Universitat de València, the integral parts of the projects are, the Confucius Institute, Office of the Vice-Principal for International Relations and Cooperation, Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation, Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture, Faculty of Geography and History and Faculty of Economics.
  • The research, analysis, knowledge exchange, and innovation, which could result in the optimisation of tools or applications related to the development of new tourism products linked to silk.
  • The cultural exchange between València/Spain and the rest of cultures of the Silk Road, specially with China.
  • Research and analysis of the historic factors and resources linked to silk in the Valencian Country.
  • Analysis of other activities different to silk but that arrived in Spain through the same trade corridor: ceramics, fans, gold work, rice, citruses.
  • Creating a tourist product that promotes the tourist sector.
  • Designing a national and international strategy for tourism promotion.
  • Encouraging the research, implementation and dissemination of technology-based innovative projects related to the Silk Road.
  • Support to the development of joint initiatives to publicise València, the Capital of Silk 2016.