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  • ESMO-ESO Course on Medical Oncology for Medical Students 2015.
Pensar en veu alta


Exhibition “Pensar en veu alta” Cristian Gil Gil

The next exhibition will open June 11 Cristian Gil Gil “Pensar en veu alta” in the Exhibition Hall of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

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    INCLIVA colloquium with three Nobel Medicine Prize

    On Tuesday June 2 there will be a conference at the Institute of Health Research INCLIVA three Nobel Prizes in Medicine: Erwin Neher, Ferid Murad and Richard J. Roberts.

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    Carlos Romá-Mateo


    The University proposes oxidative stress as a new aggravating factor in Lafora rare disease

    Neurodegenerative Lafora disease usually becomes apparent through seizures during adolescence and puberty and occurs as a consequence of defects in glycogen metabolism and in the cellular mechanisms that are responsible for its disposal.

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    La revista dels traumatòlegs valencians compleix 50 anys

    La Revista Espanyola de Cirurgia Osteoarticular-RECO celebra mig segle de divulgació científica

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    Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad


    La Fundació Lluís Alcanyís premiada per les "Ajudes d'assistència de la Fundació Innocent, Innocent".

    Alfonso Alonso, el ministre de Sanitat, Serveis Socials i Igualtat, lliura les Ajudes d'assistència de la Fundació Innocent, dedicades enguany a les associacions relacionades amb el càncer infantil.

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    29 - 31

    Weekly agenda

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    Satisfaction survey for graduates

    Graduates have available survey questionnaires to show to what extent they are satisfied with the degree studied.


    Xavier Gómez i Font Linguistic Quality Awards

    Xavier Gómez I Font for the linguistic quality of the Undergraduate Degrees and Master’s Degree final projects in Valencian and English.


    108 official masters pre-enrolment

    Universitat de València open official masters pre-enrolment for the 2015-2016 year course.


    RH2 Procedure for Degrees and Master's Degrees

    From 28 April to 31 May the RH2 analytical procedure for PDI (teaching and research staff) recruitment and selection will be available at the SGIC platform.


    Major histocompatibility complex. Recognition, allogenic response and pathology

    From 20 to 21 July - at 10:00 Coordinated by: Amparo Mir Gisbert. Full University Professor of Medicine at the UV and Associate Physician of the Internal Medicine Service, in the Department of Allergology.


    Workshop: Participate in a simulation training of CPR

    From 20 to 21 July - at 15:00 Coordinated by: Dr Julio Fernández Garrido. Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Podiatry. Universitat de València.


    + Videos

    Image of the cover of the video;A Cor Obert: Pancreaticogastrostomia en la cirurgia dels tumors periampulars: anastomosi ductemucosa versus invaginant
    Image of the cover of the video;
    Image of the cover of the video;Presentation video of Campus Habitat5U

    A Cor Obert: Pancreaticogastrostomia en la cirurgia dels tumors periampulars: anastomosi ductemucosa versus invaginant

    L'anastomosi pancreàtica continua sent el taló d'Aquil·les de la duodenopancreatectomia cefàlica. En la recerca de la millor reconstrucció del romanent pancreàtic s'han proposat nombroses tècniques, i són les més utilitzades l'anastomosi del pàncrees a jejú (pancreaticojejunostomia) i a l'estómac (pancreaticogastrostomia). En... [Read more]

    Presentation video of Campus Habitat5U

    Presentation video of Campus Habitat5U developed to obtain the label of Excellence Campus

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