Carlos Simón, rep el KY CHA Award


Carlos Simón, rep el KY CHA Award

Professor de la nostra facultat, catedràtic d'Obstetrícia i Ginecologia de la Universitat de València, director científic de l'IVI i coordinador de la línia d'investigació en medicina reproductiva de INCLIVA

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    Subjects and Tutors for public works allocation Final Year


    Subjects and Tutors for public works allocation Final Year


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    Inauguració de la nova Aula d'Habilitats de la Clínica Odontològica


    Inauguració de la nova Aula d'Habilitats de la Clínica Odontològica

    Avui, divendres 17 d'octubre a les 13 hores a la Clínica Odontològica

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      Meeting Assignment Final Project - Medicine


      Meeting Assignment Final Project - Medicine

      Will take place on October 22 at 16:30 pm in the Graduate Hall of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

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        Call for course ESTIC 2014/15


        Call for course ESTIC 2014/15

        Published reconvening ESTIC 2014/15 aid to groups of students to develop innovative projects linking ICT to the learning process.

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        UV Events

        All events

        Senior i el Cor Brutal + Els amics de les Arts

        Concert Festival de Benvinguda (Welcome Festival) Salomé Concert Hall


        Z i L’habitació 113

        Theatre Festival de Benvinguda (Welcome Festival)



        La Nau Theatre


        Espai Ciencia celebrates the year of Biotechnology

        During the week of the Premios Octubre (October Awards) a series of conferences is to be carried out with a programme of various proposals.


        “La desconnexió valenciana” (Valencian disconnection)

        Toni Mollà presents his book on opinion journalism which compiles a series of articles on the Valencian situation.


        Aprendiendo a contar con los indoeuropeos (Learning to rely on Indo-Europeans)

        Lecture of the programme “Universitat i Societat” of Ontinyent, by the Professor Carles Padilla.


        Cinema. Lejos de ella

        Lopez Piñero Institute and the Cinema Club of the Universitat present the film series 'Memoria y felicidad'.


        Girls’ Day: and...why not becoming an engineer?

        I Conference on recruitment strategies for women students in Science and Engineering.


        Conference on vision in the world: No more avoidable blindness

        Symposium on the vision problems in the world which is organised in relation to the World Sight Day established by the WHO and the IAPB.


        2014 ISRII 7th Scientific Meeting

        Meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII)


        The First World War in European and North American literatures

        These conferences will explore the armed conflict as a topic, space and character in the literary production of the main countries involved in it.


        Lecture on Simon de Rojas in Titaguas

        The meeting will take place in the Social Centre of Titaguas. This meeting tackles the recognition of the value of the leading figure and work of the Valencian scholar.


        First Week for Complementary Activities

        Faculty of Teacher Training From 20 to 24 October


        The spectral display. Forgetting the memory in the Alain Resnais’ cinema

        Enrolment open until 31 October It will be held on 3, 4, 5 and 10 November in the afternoons. Seminar which can be validated by two free elective credits.


        Exhibiton "Yo voy soñando caminos"(I go dreaming down road ways)

        75th Anniversary of the death of the poet Antonio Machado


        Course on safety and health at work (Online)

        Semi-presential course addressed to the administrative and service staff (PAS) and to the teaching and research staff (PDI). This course will be taught in the three campuses of the UV.


        Teachers of citizenship: Manuel Broseta, Ernest Lluch and Francisco Tomás y Valiente

        Exhibition on the leading figure of the three professors


        Call for grants ESTIC 2014/15 for groups of students

        UV Students can submit their applications until the 31 October 2014.


        Workshops Aprén-Emprén

        Open enrolment until 24 October. Workshops for students of higher level vocational training.


        The University of Valencia and its natural environments: La Huerta de Valencia.

        From 9 October to 7 November at Vinalesa. 15 October, opening 19:00


        Anzo Experimental

        Exhibition of the works of the Valencian artist recently restored


        Festival de Benvinguda 2014 (Welcome Festival)

        A door open at the University with the cultural and social offer for students.


        SEDLL's 15 International Congress

        Enrolment opened for the XV Congreso Internacional de la Sociedad Española de Didáctica de la Lengua y la Literatura (15th International Congress of the Spanish Society of Language and Literature Didactics)


        Concert de Benvinguda in Burjassot (Welcome Concert)

        Fuel Fandango + Niños Mutantes. Varry Brava + La Suite Bizarre. The tickets are already available.


        Stanbrook, 1939. The republican exile to north África

        Exhibiton on the feat of the Stanbrook in La Nau


        EX•IL illustrated on exile

        Exhibiton on the exile in La Nau


        Second Conference IDECOS. Environment and Land Development

        The registration for the Second Conference University of Valencia - Regional Studies Institutes Environment and Land Development is open.


        Exhibition “Miscelànea Geográfica” by Joaquín Bérchez

        Opening on 19 September at 18:00. Photographic exhibition in Alboraya, from 19 September to 24 October


        Women and Sciences

        The López Piñero Institute hosts the exhibition ‘Trencant barreres. Dones i ciències’ (Breaking down barriers. Women and sciences) on the contribution of women to the progress of science and technology. Opening 17 September at 20:00.


        The elements of creativity

        Registration open for the seminar that can be validated by 2 credits on Creativity and divergent thinking. It will be held from 3 to 7 November


        Incentives for the elaboration of teaching materials, theses and articles in Valencian language

        Grants for the elaboration of teaching materials, doctoral theses and articles, addressed to the staff, research interns and doctoral students of the UV.


        Scientific-Medical Collection of the University of Valencia. 2. Medicine and Society

        Permanent exhibition of objects and instruments at the Faculty of Medicine


        Medical-scientific collection of the University of Valencia 1. Science and society

        It will be open to the public Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 20:00 in the exhibition hall of the Palau de Cerveró (Plaza Cisneros, 4, Valencia)


        + Videos

        Image of the cover of the video;Knee exploration
        Image of the cover of the video;
        Image of the cover of the video;Presentation video of Campus Habitat5U

        Knee exploration

        Physical examination of the knee is very important, because, being the uppermost joint of the musculoskeletal system, allows us to obtain a lot of information to guide the diagnosis of pathology. Therefore, we consider it extremely important to know the different signs, symptoms, and maneuvers exploration by students of... [Read more]

        Presentation video of Campus Habitat5U

        Presentation video of Campus Habitat5U developed to obtain the label of Excellence Campus

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