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About E-Management UV

It’s been approximately a decade since the Universitat de València started its digital conversion process related to the implementation of a series of changes and improvements aimed to introduce the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in all the UV areas. This digital transformation hasn’t only brought technological changes, but has also introduced drastic changes in work methods. Many internal procedures were re-designed and the communication model was re-oriented for all the members of the university community: students, the teaching and research staff (PDI), the administrative and service staff (PAS) and for citizens in general.

As these administrative procedures were gradually integrated to the Universitat de València, some work methods were re-oriented and new computer tools were introduced to allow the creation of a more efficient, more modern university. All these changes brought forward the necessity of creating an individual point of reference where the whole university community (particularly PAS and PDI) will be able to check files, FAQs and self-learning content necessary to know how to operate the new computer tools and e-procedures. And so, the E-Management of the Universitat de València is born to offer a space where all the new body, service and unit “managers” (internally chosen and selected name to refer to all our PAS / PDI users of e-management tools) will be able to easily and uniformly check how to carry out the electronic signature of documents with e-certificates and safe verification codes (CSV) or get to know how the Electronic Office and its procedure manager (TRAMITEM) work; among other things like knowing the details of the new e-record (GEISER) or even learning how to use VALIJA, the corporate communication channel between units and citizens, through both general and internal applications.