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The online office of the Universitat de València is the electronic address through which members of the university community as well as citizens will have access to information, services and electronic procedures of the UV’s Administration.

Its main goal is to implement the rule of law 11/2007, June 21st, regarding digital access by citizens to Public Services, which recognises citizens’ right to interact with public administrations through electronic means.

It will allow citizens or members of the university community to carry out their procedures through Internet, from any place and at any time, thus avoiding trips to UV premises.

The offered services are the following:

  • Electronic handling of procedures: The procedures and services that can be carried out electronically were grouped and classified as a way to completely facilitate access to them.
  • Different processing services, until now excluded from the online office: Student portal, Virtual office, Contractor profile.
  • Legal and technical information: Individual, regional, national and European regulation.
  • Information about the electronic signature.
  • Verification of documents issued by the UV: it allows to check the authenticity and integrity of documents issued in electronic format by the UV.
  • “My personal Space” It’s an interactive system which will allow the admin to:
  • Check completed procedures. Access completed files, as well as those still in process. Access their status, the followed steps, deadlines or any issue that may have occurred during the process.
  • Carry out more procedures.
  • Access Notifications sent by the UV.
  • Submit documentation to initiated procedures.