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UVJob is a service of the Universitat de València whose objective is to help all UV students and graduates to find work and improve their professional possibilities.

In order to achieve this, UVJob offers a series of services:

  • Guidance and Advising
  • Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Training
  • Studies and Analysis

Professional Guidance


The main objective of UVJob is to facilitate and promote the labour insertion of all students and graduates of the Universitat de València.

For this reasons, it offers you a professional and work-related orientation service that will allow you to receive information on aspects that have been shown to be relevant for your insertion, such as the following:

  • Occupation research tools and techniques
  • Current situation of the labour market
  • Career opportunities for the different Degrees
  • Most valued skills and profiles
  • Training of interest for insertion
  • Career planning and development

You can also choose between online or on-site guidance.

Labour insertion studies of Diploma Holders and Graduates 


This section is dedicated to the analysis of the characteristics, insertion indicators and the current employment situation, professional activity and career development of the UV Graduates through research focused on different degrees, cycles and areas of knowledge.

Thus, specific research is carried out on the insertion of undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as studies on specific aspects of the labour market transition.

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What training do you need to improve your job placement? How can you develop skills that are useful in the world of work? Do you know all the techniques and tools for finding a job? Do you know how to prepare interviews? Do you know how to elaborate a good CV? How can you take advantage of professional internships?

The Training area of UVJob has the answers and can help you in your job placement by acquiring skills and abilities that qualify you for a job, because in addition to the specific knowledge of your degree, you have to acquire a series of skills that will improve your chances of job placement.

With this purpose, UVJob offers free choice courses that will also be useful to learn, among other things, the techniques and tools for finding a job, prepare interviews and selection processes and other skills that are required in the employment world.

Moreover, check out our tutorials on the web, which you can find in the section Aprende y mejora tu empleabilidad (Learn and improve your employability), which will help you make the most of your internship, draw up a good CV and cover letter, prepare an interview and have a guide to the type of work you can do.

In addition, we suggest that you complement your training with other courses offered by the Universitat de València.