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  • At I2Sysbio we also foster technology transfer by encouraging the creation of spin-off companies among our researchers.
  • Since its creation in 2017, I2SysBio has already generated 3 spin-off companies.




This company is located in the Science Park of the Universitat de València and focuses on sampling and analysing microbiota associated to any type of habitat, using advance cultivation techniques and massive sequencing. It offers to companies all over the world microbial solutions and is specialised in microbial sequencing, food starters, probiotics, energetic and environmental solutions.




This company is located in the Science Park of the Universitat de València and provides solutions and tools in the field of IT and bioinformatics, especially designed for research. The company develops bioinformatics software for omics technologies and data bases, intranets, open access, wikis and servers for research, services and education in molecular biology.




Evolving Therapeutics is a UV spin-off based on the implementation of the use of phages, bacterial viruses, to combat antimicrobial resistance under the One Health concept. Antibiotic resistance is a global problem that requires a short-term response. At Evolving Therapeutics we offer scientific advice for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human, animal or plant pathogenic bacteria based on phages. Our services include isolation and production of specific phages against problem bacteria, with pathogen-targeted, zero waste and environmentally sustainable therapies. Services include diagnosis and detection of target bacteria through the development of phage-derived technologies, isolation and characterization of phages, use of phages as biocides or antimicrobials, or implementation of personalized therapies. All our services are customized for each client, offering product specificity, resistance avoidance and high success rate. We are a team with high scientific level and extensive experience in phages in the fields of Human, Animal and Plant Health. Our services are aimed at an expanding market, in which the growing concern and need to address antimicrobial resistance will favor the demand for them.