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Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee (CS) of the I2SysBio was created in December 2022 with the goal of carrying out and fostering various initiatives in the interest of sustainable development through scientific research.

The Committee is committed to a continuous task: to raise awareness among the members of the centre. Every action of sustainability – from beginning to its upkeep phase – should come from motivation and, therefore, from environmental awareness. A spontaneous mentality shift emerges thereupon. This shift may commence in the workplace, yet should eventually lead to a change in one’s lifestyle.

Our Committee is formed by a group of members that represent different views of our centre, both in the context of research and management. This facilitates the detection of those tasks or procedures that could be optimised in favour of sustainability.

Goals of the CS

The Committee works in the development of two fundamental goals:

  • Implementing measures that foster sustainable development, such as those aimed at energy saving.
  • Developing tools that improve the various facets of waste management, starting from the principle of waste hierarchy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).


If you have any enquiry, complaint or suggestion, please contact us at o individualment a qualsevol membre de la Comissió.

Members of the Committee