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Scientific Programs (SPs) are large research lines encompassing one or more thematically related research groups. From an organizational standpoint, SPs are comparable to the departments at other CSIC institutes. Research Group (RG) refers to a group of one or more Principal Investigators (PIs) and other researchers, trainees, technicians and support staff under their supervision. The RGs represent the basic research unit at the I²SysBio; moreover, this is the unit of assessment and allocation of space. A PI must be a researcher assigned to I²SysBio on a permanent basis or minimum three-year contractual basis, and have available competitive funding to pay for his or her own independent research.

Initially the RGs at the I²SysBio will be thematically organized into five SPs. The SPs are understood to be dynamic and must necessarily evolve to incorporate new research and novel developments in integrative systems biology, open to new perspectives. Therefore, the SPs would be regrouped, modified, expanded or suppressed in order to maintain quality and retain a competitive position following the suggestions of the external Scientific Committee at I²SysBio.

Scientific Programs

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