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Internal whistleblower channel


This internal whistleblowing channel provides an opportunity to report, in an expeditious and simple manner, concerns related to actual or suspected misconduct that may affect the company or the well-being of individuals.

It is important to keep in mind that this channel should not be used to make false or deliberate accusations against third parties, and we urge you to avoid providing incorrect information.

Although it is possible to communicate anonymously, it is strongly recommended that identifying information be provided in the communication. Regardless of whether or not you choose to do so, it is suggested that you retain your case number and password for later access to the secure communication mailbox. This will facilitate and ensure more effective communication once the facts have been reported.

All communications will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. For more details on how privacy is handled, you are invited to review the corresponding section in the menu under "Privacy Policy".

It should be noted that no reprisals will be taken against those who use this channel in an appropriate manner, simply because they have used it.

The option of reporting to the public authorities for whistleblower protection at the European, national or regional level is also available. For a general description of this process, please refer to the corresponding section.
We seek to provide security and efficiency in the use of this channel, with a commitment to address concerns effectively and without risk of retaliation.

Whistleblowing communication

In any case, please do not confuse this internal channel for complaints and whistle-blower protection of the CDI UV with the suggestions, complaints and suggestions mailbox of the Centre d'Idiomes de la Universitat de València.

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Institutional policy

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