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GT2 Gerstió sostenible de residus

WG 2 SUSTAINABLE WASTE MANAGEMENT. To establish strategies to achieve a reduction in the use and generation of plastic waste

It is well known that the most advanced civilizations dream of those with the capacity to manage waste with the least environmental impact and with an economic return that generates social value. We have to make possible a paradigm shift from a linear production-consumption-disposal economy to one based on a circular economy, where alternatives for waste reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery are taken into account. Beyond this, we need to achieve the principles of the *bioeconomy, so that resources of both renewable and biodegradable origin can be promoted. With a firm, rigorous and generous effort, we will make our home a healthier environment in which to develop our lives.

From the Sustainable Waste Management working group, we want to facilitate those initiatives rooted in the modification of consumption patterns, and the promotion of social and technological innovations in waste management, which will have the University as a test laboratory. In the spirit of the working group is the prospective of strategic actions that have a positive impact on the university community and, to this end, we want to listen to your voices, look with your eyes, and align the necessary efforts.

This task is for the entire university community: teaching staff, researchers, administration and services, and students. In this way, to form different action groups (plastics, paper, food, water and toxic/biological waste), we have prepared a form, which we would ask you to fill in before the end of September. Based on your interests, meetings will be convened in September to listen to proposals and plan feasible and transformative actions.

You can find the form in the link below. Please extend it to anyone who you think has the initiative and collaborative spirit to make our campuses sustainable waste management environments.

FORMULARI: https://enquestes.uv.es/index.php/532267?lang=ca


Thank you.

José David Badia i Valiente, Head of Initiatives of the Vice-Rectorate for Sustainability, Cooperation and Healthy Living.

Full Professor of Chemical Engineering, Escola Tecnica Superior d'Enginyeria.

Coordinator Working Group 2: Sustainable Waste Management.