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Mercat Agroecològic de la UV


The Mercat Agroecològic de la Universitat de València is located at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences on the Blasco Ibáñez Campus. The address is AV. Blasco Ibáñez, 30. Every Friday Comptem amb productes del'horta de València, oli i productes de panaderia acompanyades de productes de Comerç Just. 





Every academic Friday at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences .


“The Agroecological Market prioritizes local products with a social and supportive approach. The projects that participate in the Market have the traditional ecological seal of the Ecological Agriculture Committee and/or the Participatory Guarantee System (SPG) seal


The SPG is a local participatory certification system that is increasingly widespread and accepted in some municipal markets in Valencia. In this way, local products are prioritized, seasonal and involve people in achieving food sovereignty. In addition, the identity of the Agroecological Market is defined using key concepts such as: awareness, proximity, openness, multiplier effect, balance and visibility.

This initiative is part of the aspiration to move towards changes in food towards healthier and more sustainable forms

Tápers saludables y sostenibles: 

Guía práctica para su elaboración y evaluación

Guia per al consum de fruites saludable i sostenible.

Guia d'Alimentació Saludable,

Fruita saludable i sostenible