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Blasco Ibáñez Management Unit

The campus units, and in particular the Blasco Ibáñez Unit, was created at the start of 1997, with the aim to coordinate the Centres and Services that integrated the campus, as well as being able to decentralise most of the financial management of the Centres and Services as well as of those buildings that do not belong to any of them.

The article 46 of the recent University of Valencia (General Studies) Statutes, passed by Legislative Decree 128/2004 of 30th July of the Valencian Gobernment, formalises and mentions the coordination between the teaching centres of each campus, the regulations that will regulate it, the campus board and how its made up, as well as the subjects object of coordination.

The paragraph 46.3 of said article states that “In each campus there will be a management unit”.
On the 10th of September 1998 was called the dean and campus principals of the Blasco Ibáñez Campus and the first campus coordinator dean was elected.

Since its creation and presently we are working for facilitate to the campus aspects related with the financial management, the assignement of common spaces, the coordination between the different Centres and the attention that the rest of the services of the University demand, assuming day after day new competences that justify and give its own entity to the Unit.