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The Confucius Institute at Universitat de València carries out throughout the year workshops to understand the essence of the Taiji from a teacher of this millenary sport. In particular, Taiji in the modality Taiji Chuan or simple of 8 steps (Yong Bashi):

1 - Rotate the arms in reverse
2 - Clean the knee and push forwards
3 - Caress the mane of the wild horse
4 - Move the hands as clouds
5 - The Gold Rooster raises on a leg
6 - Kick
7 - Take the tail of the sparrow
8 - Cross the hands

The taiji is a very popular activity and at the parks of the cities thousands of people can be observed at morning practising their slow and fluent movements.

Originally, taiji is an intern martial art (Chinese: 內家拳, pinyin: nèijiāquán) for a close combat, armed or disarmed. In more recently times it is increasingly considered as a physical-spiritual practise, on the one hand will be very beneficial for the health, while on the other hand is a meditation technique (moving meditation). Faced with this points of view, its aspect of martial art is losing importance until disappearing totally.