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The Confucius Institute of Universitat de València has Chinese courses for adults, teenagers and children. Its main goal is the dissemination of the Chinese language and culture, as well as its courses are addressed, not only to university people, but also to people of all ages and fields, the business field include. Therefore it is not necessary to belong to university community to register or to take part in the different activities that we carry out. On the other hand, the Confucius Institute has got specialised material and native teachers with a great experience and training for the teaching of the Chinese language as foreign language.

The Confucius Institute of Universitat of València has got “Courses of Chinese Language” of different levels, “Chinese courses for children”, “Reading Courses” for more advanced levels, “Courses of conversational Chinese”, “Preparatory Courses for the official HSK test” and also “Courses of Teaching Methodology of Chinese.”

Among the “Courses of Chinese Language” we differentiate four categories: Annual (80 class hours for adults, 50 class hours for children), Four-monthly (40 class hours), Summer Intensive (40 hours) and Courses for children (from the age of 6 to 15).

The courses are divided in four subcategories: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior. Each category has four levels. Each level is equal to 40 class hours. The annual courses cover two levels, so they are totally 80 class hours. The courses for children are always annual, so they are always 50 class hours courses.

The courses can be Intensive (3 hours long, one day a week) or Regular (1 hour and a half, two days a week). Finally, the children courses are one day a week for one hour and half.