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Generally, lessons have a duration of up to one hour an a half, twice a week, morning and evening timetable, or twice a week although it is advised to check the web page at the time of the enrolment since all that also depends on the training offer available in each moment. With the aim of obtaining the maximum performance and assuring that students successfully pass courses with ease, we must emphasise that class attendance and participation is highly important.

Therefore, students shall meet the following requirements in order for them to enrol in the next level:

  •   Attendance of at least 80% of the classes.
  •   Participate in the classes and do the homework and punctual works requested by the professor.
  •   Carrying out a final test so they can realise the consolidated knowledge for themselves.

In the certificate of attendance, following the students processing with their faculty, 4 free elective credits will be recognised for Licenciaturas (former Spanish undergraduate) and 3 for undergraduate studies.