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Enrolment date and exam

Hanban/General Office of Confucius Institute will make known at the end of every year the calendar of the exam centres of Chinese language around the world. The exam date of every centre can change slightly. Before enrolling, please enter to see the timetable of each exam centre or consult the exam centre you choose. The enrolments will begin, at least, a month ago before the exam date.

Exam participant card

After carrying out the enrolment correctly, the participants will receive acknowledgement information about fifteen days before the exam date and they will be able to log in on website to print the participant card, or they will be able to ask for it at the exit of the place where they enrolled.

The participant card should include the name of the participant, nationality, sex, class and number of identity document, exam type, exam date and timetable, exam centre, rules of exam room, etc.

After receiving it, the participant should check carefully if the information on the card is precise and correct. The data such as the name, sex, date of birth and identity document number on the participant card must be the same as those registered in that identity document, otherwise the participant won’t be able to do the exam.

If the information of the participant card is wrong, please don’t change it without permission. After the manager of evaluation confirms the information is actually wrong, the participant should change it under the supervision of the manager of evaluation. The manager of evaluation must also sign on the participant card for the corresponding certification, otherwise the exam will be annulled. 

The participant card is the only one certificate that allows him/her to enter the room to carry out the exam, and it will have to be kept by the participant after the test. The participant card should show when the information about marks or certificate is requested. Generally, the participant card number will also be provided to get services as request of results online and the supplement of results report.

Participant’s photo

For any of the exams that requires a photo of the participant, the preparation and the use of the photo should be make according to the following requirement:

Requirements for the photo:

-Recent bareheaded photo of the participant and white background

-Black and white or colour photo

-Photo showing clearly the face of the participant

-The photo must show the head and the upper shoulder

If the participant provides a electronic photograph:  

After entering on website, the participant can be able to upload the electronic photo following the instructions. Afterwards the photo can be shown on the participant card and on the certificate that will be sent after the test if the participant gets the necessary score. The participant that uploads an electronic photo won’t need to give a printed photo.  

If the participant provides an electronic photograph:

Specification of photo paper:

-Quantity: 2

-Measure: 40mm x 30mm (standard, two inches)

- On the back part of the photo the following information should be indicated: name of the participant, exam centre code and sequence number of the participant.

The participant that doesn’t provide electronic photo will have to prepare two printed photos with the requirements mentioned above. One photograph must be pasted on the participant card after it is sent, and the other one must be given to the supervisor responsible for the control of the identity when the participant enters the room the day of the exam.

Documents to provide the day of the exam

The day of the exam, the participant must provide the following documents:

-Exam participant card

-Identity card with photo (ID, passport or residence permit)

-2B pencils (two or more)


The participant won’t have to carry with him the following objects: tape recorders, cameras, dictionaries, Mp3’s, mobile phones, beepers, laptops, notepads, textbooks and other objects that are not appropriate.

Time and certification at the entry time.

The participant will have to arrive to the evaluation place assigned a half hour ago before the exam begins to avoid delays. 

If the participant arrives with less five minutes delay, s/he will be able to enter immediately in the room to do the exam. If the participant arrives with a delay of 5 to 35 minutes, will can be able to carry out the exam when the second part begins and s/he won’t have got an extension to compensate the lost time. If the participant has over 35 minutes delay, the right to carry out the exam will be cancelled.

When the participant enters the room, s/he must have to show the participant card and the identity card provided during the enrolment. The name on the identity card will have to be exactly the same as the participant card; on the photo of the identity card the participant will have to be recognised, that is, it will be necessary that the photo is the same to the appearance of the participant.

After entering the room, the participant should put his/her participant card or identity card in the upper-right corner of the table to make the inspection of the supervisor easier when s/he requires it.

If the participant provides the identity card or gives a false document when entering the room, s/he won’t be able to do the exam and its cost will be refunded.

Break time and end

The participant won’t be able to leave the evaluation room in the middle of the exam. If the participant needs to leave the room for special reasons, s/he should apply the relevant permission to the manager responsible for the exam. Before leaving the room, the participant should give his/her card to the manager and show his/her identity document when s/he comes back the room. 

Room rules

Each participant should sit in the designated place and s/he won’t have right to choose another seat.

The participant shouldn’t consume food or drinks during the exam.

The participant shouldn’t open the exam before it is pointed out, answer the questions without respecting the order of the test (that is, the participants should answer the specific questions in the stipulated deadline, and they won’t be able to change the order of the different sections of the exam), break, change or copy the exam content, carry outside the exam and the answer sheet or behave incorrectly.

Emergency management

1) If the participant has an unfair treatment because of the bad management, such as insufficient time to resolve the test, damaged exam sheets or damaged room facilities, which causes the participant can’t complete the test, the institution will organise a new free exam as soon as possible, but it doesn’t indemnify the participant for any problem that isn’t of its competency.

2) If the exam is not carried out on grounds of force majeure such as natural disasters or accidents, a new test will be organised for the participants as soon as possible, or the cost of the exam will be refunded, but the participant won’t be indemnify for any problem that isn’t of the competency of the institution.


If the participant doesn’t take the exam on the test date for reasons that have nothing to do with the organizer, the consequences must be assumed by the participant, and the institution won’t organise a new test for the participant. The cost of the exam won’t be refunded. 

Unfulfilment and sanction

During the exam, if any participant carries out wrong acts such as renting a proxy to do the exam, plagiarising, entering the room carrying any type of notes, etc., the supervisor will have right to forbid the participant to carry on the exam, or register the fact on the report of the exam, and the institution has the right to abort the participant’s result and s/he won’t be able to do the tests organised by Hanban/General Office of Confucius Institute.

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