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The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China has announced its annual call for grants for the academic year 2017-2018. A total of 15 places from the Chinese Government Grants will be awarded, of which 11 are new and 4 are renewals. The applicants must be university students or holders of undergraduate or higher studies.


  1. Applications submission


Applicants must submit the application and documentation by courier service to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Madrid. The deadline for the application for grants begins from the day following the publication of the call and ends on 23 March 2017. For more information (requirements for applicants, required documentation, grant amount, resolution of the grant and Chinese host universities), please visit the webpage of the Scholarship Council of the Ministry of Education in China or the board of Educational Affairs in the website of the Chinese Embassy in Spain, where you can download the Application Form, the Physical Examination Form and the Application Form for Chinese teachers.

The requirements that applicants must meet are:

  • Being a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China and being in good health.
  • For undergraduate studies applicants , holding a certificate of upper secondary school education and being under 25 years old.
  • For Master’s degree studies applicants , holding an undergraduate degree and being under 35 years old.
  • For Doctoral studies applicants, holding a Master’s degree and being under 40 years old.
  • For General Grants applicants it is requested to be less tan 45 and having completed at least two years of undergraduate studies.
  • For Senior General Grants applicants, holding a Master’s degree or at least being an adjunct professor and being under 50 years old..


  1. Documentation


This year applicants must duly fill out their application form online using the form available on the website of the Scholarship Council. We recommend using the Internet Explorer browser. The AGENCY NO code for applicants from Spain is 7241. After printing the online form, this must be sent to the Office of Educational Affairs of the Chinese Embassy along with other required documents (one original and two copies):

  • Scholarship application form, original and photocopy (two), duly completed in English or Chinese. (Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship).
  • Notarised or attested academic title. In case you are studying at university, you must submit a certificate issued by the centre where the studies are performed. The certificate issued by the institution where the applicant holds professional   duties, if applicable, is also required.
  • Notarised or certified marks of final exams (for undergraduate applicants) or other academic records including the marks of the subjects taken (for all other applicants).
  • Research plan, drafted in English or Chinese. (At least 200 words for applicants for Chinese courses or degree courses. 500 words for research courses, and 800 for master’s courses).
  • Los solicitantes de títulos de maestría, doctorado o investigación superior han de aportar cartas de recomendación de dos profesores titulares o catedráticos, escritas en inglés o chino; así como la resolución de concesión expedida por la universidad (o centro de investigación)  en la que pretende realizar estudios.
  • Applicants for master's, doctoral or higher research degrees must provide letters of recommendation from two tenured or full university professors, written in English or Chinese; and the granting decision issued by the university (or research centre)  in which such studies will be carried out.
  • Applicants who are minors must submit documentation of legal custody in China.
  • Photocopy of the Physical Examination Form, stipulated and printed by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. The analysis required in the form must be duly completed and signed by doctors, and sealed by the heath centres where the physical examination has been made. The photograph of the applicant, stuck in that form, must be stamped with the seal of the same medical centre. The form is valid for six months for subsequent steps in China.
  • In case you have a letter of acceptance of any particular university, you should attach this in the application (not mandatory).
  • In case you have Chinese proficiency certificates, you should provide certificates of HSK test marks (not mandatory).


  1. Host universities


Applicants can find more information on Chinese universities and educational centres accepting foreign trainees at the following website of Chinese government scholarships.


  1. Contact and further information


Bureau of Educational Affairs

Embajada de la República Popular China en España
Address: Calle Arturo Soria 108 D, 28027, Madrid
Phone number: (0034)91388 3988 Fax: (0034)91759 9292


Embassy of the PRC in Spain