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The works of the Coca Cola Foundation Collection selected for this exhibition respond to diverse disciplines, from the painting to the video, going through photography, sculpture, installation and drawing.
José Manuel Ballester, Ah! Mío cor, 2008, video, colour and stereo sound, 10 minutes  © Fundación Coca - Cola



All artists participating in the exhibition are essential when it comes to map the contemporary creation of visual arts in Spain and Portugal. Their career and contribution to contemporary art have resulted of central importance for the development of new tendencies and forms of expression, and so has been valued by the Foundation, which has integrated the works of these artists into its funds. The Collection gathers a tremendous plurality of artists of different tendencies, ages, styles and objectives who express themselves through very different techniques, means and technological supports, which provide us with many approaches and sensibilities as a consequence of the plural and complex nature of our societies.
Manolo Bautista, Meeting Point II, 2008, 
Colour Photography, revealed  © Fundación Coca - Cola



The artists question and reflect the time they live in and address the dominant sociocultural reality, as well as their personal worlds and their microcosms.
Victoria Civera, Cataplaf, 2006, Oil on canvas © Fundación Coca - Cola