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Because of the need of the Universitat de València of a institutionalised structure to develop, coordinate and make visible the initiatives related to democratic history and memory in the academic field.

Paying attention to the paper and the need of specialised historians, related to the visibility of a strict policy of democratic history and memory.

The DEMOCRATIC HISTORY AND MEMORY CLUB of the Universitat de València is created with the support of the Department of Contemporary History and linked to the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture.

The club is formed be professors, researchers of the Universitat de València related to the Department of Contemporary History, Department of Comparative Education and Education History, Deparment of Experimental and Social Sciences Teaching; and members of different Research Projects and of the Group of Excellence Prometeo GEHTID (Group of Historical Studies on the Transitions and Democracy).


- Promoting the active and referral paper in the initiatives related to Democratic History and Memory.

- Boosting activities for the dissemination of research on these aspects inside and outside the university environment.

- Tackle specific problems related to fundamental research and the documents related to the Second Republic, the Civil War, Francoism and Democratic Transtition.

- Promoting the collaboration, advising and coordination with other institutions in order to carry out activities and/or projects emerged in the political framework and the civil society according to   a strict democratic history and memory policy. 

Video of the classroom presentation: http://mediauni.uv.es/5396va


Aula de Historia y Memoria Democrática de la Universitat de València Statement of the Society of History and Democratic Memory of the Universitat de València on censoring the name of Antonio Luis Baena Tocón, legal secretary of the Court Martial that condemned Miguel Hernández to death

Gavilla Verde

La Gavilla Verde [+]

The agreement between History and Democratic Memory Room and Gavilla Verde is signed. 
La Gavilla Verde is a cultural association focused on recovering the history of the "guerrilla" movement. It has a valuable archive about this matter. Enrique Líster and José Manuel Montoro aka El Chaval’s archives stand out. Plus, it also counts with a photographic archive. Any interested researcher can contact the History and Democratic Memory Room in order to access these documents.


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