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The programme of temporary exhibitions organised by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society constitute a fundamental area linked to the management and the cultural diffusion of the contemporary art of the Universitat de València.

The basic criteria that constitute the temporal exhibition program, derived from the values or undertakings established in the Statutes and the Strategic Plan of the Universitat de València, are:

• advancement scientific knowledge
• scientific and cultural heritage of the Universitat de València
• development of critical thinking, respect for cultural and ideological diversity
• recovery and dissemination of the culture of their own
• dissemination and support of the contemporary creativity
• denouncing social inequality and exclusion
• sustainability and defence of the natural environment
•    promotion of the construction of participation networks

Most of this programme of exhibitions in the different exhibition areas is of its own production and is presented at the Cultural Centre La Nau. Even so, depending on the theme and format of the projects, other university centres, such as The Palau of Cerveró, Rector Peset Hall of Residence and the Botanical Garden, receive a permanent programme of exhibitions.

The organisation of temporary exhibitions at La Nau has been active, permanently, since 1985.

Apart from the redefinition of La Nau as a Cultural Centre (1999), the exhibition areas have been enlarged, technical and human resources have been improved to consolidate and improve the exhibition tradition of this unique university centre.