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Cultural project

 Prometeo After the Cinc Segles celebrations held to commemorate the University of Valencia’s five-hundredth anniversary, it was time to review the cultural project and give consideration to the basic lines laid down by the institution, that is the study and dissemination of the University of Valencia’s cultural heritage, the presence of cultural activities throughout the university framework and the dissemination of university cultural activities in Valencian society. We therefore consider that we must continue to promote convergence and collaboration with public and private bodies.


To fulfil the objectives, the Department of Culture organises the activities through the Music, Drama, Cinema and Poetry cultural workshops, the Debate Club, Lluís Vives and Rector Peset Halls of Residence, the Botanic Garden, the Heritage Department, International University of Gandia, and the University of Valencia General Foundation, especially through the Trust for Musical Activities and the Martínez Guerricabeitia Foundation. The relations between the University of Valencia and institutions including the City Hall, the Valencian Music Institute or the Liceu in Barcelona, or with associations such as the Capella de Ministrers, Victoria Musicae, the Sociedad Filarmónica de Valencia, Societat Coral El Micalet or the Cor de Cambra Lluís Vich, to name but a few, allow the university’s supply of cultural events to be considerably increased.

 Serenatas musicales al Claustro
Musical Serenates at the Cloister
 Citric Desig

 Arte y Progaganda

Citric Desig Art and Propaganda
One of the principal cultural concerns is the study, cataloguing and dissemination of the university’s patrimonial collections. The Thesaurus project was set up with this aim and gives continuity to the studies of the university’s patrimonial holdings. Another aim is to promote donations. An outstanding example of the University of Valencia’s commitment to culture is the permanent programming of travelling exhibitions produced by the university and shown at the university and in other geographical areas.The orchestra and choir of the University of Valencia prepare yearly music programmes and activities, in addition to consolidated musical events that include the Festival Ensems or the traditional Serenates at the Cloister. The University Theatre Company also stages a play every two years. Workshops, courses and music, theatre, and poetry performances are coordinated by the different cultural areas.
 Edipo rey The Discussion Forum and the Summer University in Gandía channel discussion and reflection upon the chief current concerns. This activity is boosted by the necessary contribution of internal and external proposals.As we mentioned above, the University of Valencia regards culture as a serious and absolutely essential consideration that should never be omitted in any area of joint reflection that society requires the university to be part of. We firmly believe that culture must break away from the rigidity of mainstream thinking and embrace risks and uncertainties, even in the knowledge that this is not always a comfortable attitude.
Oedipus de King
 Herencia Pintada  Donaciones y Nuevas Adquisiciones de la Colección MG
Painted Heritage Donations and New Acquisitions of the PMG Collection